Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle



Wig - Came across Cosplay-Fu where I found this wig on sale for $25, which was about 70% off their 'regular' price. ;)

Mini!Tie - I made it from scratch using the same black twill as the rest of the costume and sewed it overtop of a clip-on piece.

Jacket - Made using a modified blouse pattern out of black twill and red ciara satin (for the lining). I decided on a zipper for the front because it would be the easiest closure to me so sew in, haha.

Skirt - Circle skirt in black twill, fully lined with red ciara satin.

Red shirt, gloves, tights, and shoes were all store bought.

Random Fact - The tights were bought first, and all other red components were matched to the tights.

Random Fact #2 - I handsewed a lot of the jacket durings breaks at work. XD


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Series Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
Character Sakura
Variant Black & Red


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