Punk Giana

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams



Punk Giana was my 7th cosplay and partially another tribute of mine to the amazing composer Chris Hülsbeck. Finding the materials was tedious but once I had them all I was able to make this costume over the course of about 2 weeks. The cosplay is a relatively simple one and I didn't have to learn new techniques for it apart from making some hair wefts with a sewing machine. The spikes on the knuckles are rubbery to ensure they're safe for conventions.

The solo photos were taken by Joni Halonen in 2015 and the double Giana photos were taken by void256 in 2017. Editing done by me. Black Forest Games provided the concept art that's been edited into the photos.


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Series Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams
Character Punk Giana


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