Sword Art Online



Material Breakdown and Costs:
total: $77.04)

- white foam sheets: $10.74
- Blue ears: $1.95 (eBay), recovered with a fuzzier material
- Wig: $16.30 (eBay)
- Band for side pieces on wig: $5
- Choker: $1.10 (eBay)
- Green Jacket: 2m green twill $21.20
- 3 packs Gold Bias tape, 2 packs velcro (arm and thigh bands) and gold and green thread: $17.95
- Black Arm Warmers: $1.80 (eBay) cut to size
- Blue Tail: Coat hanger, blue material and stuffing
- Chest armour: white foam and leftover black fabric and velcro for straps
- Belt: white foam, doubled thickness cut to shape and threaded onto a black belt
- Black Belt, Black Tank Top, and Black Shorts I used my own clothing
-Boots: re-used Yang hunter boots

Bow, Arrow and quiver-

- Bow:
pvc pipe bent to shape, black electrical tape, foam board cut to point shapes and threaded onto the bow then tissue paper and mod podge to harden it.

- Arrow:
dowel (.80) painted black, sculpted clay arrow head

- Quiver:
Cardboard tube from packing material, painted white and black stripes glued a loop to the back to thread it onto the belt


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Series Sword Art Online
Character Sinon
Variant Alfheim Online


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