Princess Peach

Super Mario Bros.



At first I thought of cosplaying Peach as a joke, which is how surprisingly many of my costumes have started out... And then I thought she's so badass in Smash, and I really wanted to do justice to her classic version. It's the one I first saw when I played Super Mario 64 as a kid so that's the one I wanted to make. She's such a funny and carefree character. I love how Nintendo doesn't take itself seriously and Peach perfectly reflects that fact.

I started early before the con and worked during about 6 months. It was a pretty easy costume over all.

A description on how I made it will be shared on my Patreon page.

I made some mushroom plushies to go with this costume. They were fun and easy to make and turned out so cute!!

Anime Expo 2016 was amazing!! I ran into the nicest Mario cosplayers and everyone loved my costume! Peach was insanely hot to wear though, I wasn't expecting it to be that bad. The skin-tight fabric, long gloves, thick wig, and full-length skirt perfectly kept my body heat to the max lol... Fortunately it was windy in LA at the time! Very happy with how this held up. My wig got a bit squished in the box but I'm pretty sure that's fixable.

Much love to everyone who talked with me and took my photo. Please let me know if you find me in photos or videoclips!


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Character Princess Peach


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