Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain



Budget Cost: 55$ (so far)
Holster: 11.90$
Tactical Belt: 8.75$
Tactical Suspenders: 8.53$
Swim Suit: 26$

I got all these items off Amazon.com, with free shipping.
Bought at Target. I modified the bottoms. I sewed a strip of spandex for the tie.

Bought a plain belt and added the eyelets and smaller details.

Made from spice bottles. I spray panted the bottles and painted them black. I made a digital image of the logo, printed it out and used mod podge to put it on the grenades. The grenades attach to the tactical belt with velcro.

Already owned.

I used this pattern for the gloves:
http://www.deviantart.com/art/SD-BJD-Soom-Supergem-male-gloves-308100379 The tactical glove is recycled interlock knit. The long glove is a matte spandex.

Made the pattern from scratch, using napkin squares. I harvested the fabric from a pair of old pants. The inside is interfaced with watercolor paper. The snap was recycled from a old bag. I only made one bag because I didn't want that extra crowding around the waist.

Bought from Arda wigs silky line, during black Friday sale. I trimmed it to the shoulders, added the side fringe and bangs with sheers.


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