Tamaki Suoh

Ouran High School Host Club



Though I originally started as Haruhi (due to me having her hair naturally once I got a haircut) I never got any pictures as her besides ONE selfie that exists on my phone since I missed the first day of Metrocon 2014.
However, me and the group quickly decided to switch up me and the Tamaki of the time; I'm now Tamaki, and she's now Honey.
ANYWAY, Tamaki's always been a beast to tame for me, since he's just sooooo feminine looking, but still needs that young-man's charm. His hair is also far too fab for real life. So I'm working on him now, and he will be re-debuted, hopefully improved, by WasabiCon 2015!


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Series Ouran High School Host Club
Character Tamaki Suoh


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