Anastasia Romanova: Dream Dress




Anastasia Romanova: Dream Dress
Made by: Seifer-sama with Alasse Veneanar Captivations

Special Thanks to: Carange2 Cosplay for helping my Dream Cosplay come to life and helping me pay for both dress's.

Photographer: Various People will say by who on photo.
Photo's taken at: University of Manitoba, RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg, Manitoba Legislative Building & St.-Boniface Cathedral

Debuted at Ai-Kon 2013 at the RBC Convention Centre
Hallway Cosplay Awarded at Ai-Kon 2013

Anastasia Romanova: Dream Dress has been my dream cosplay for many years since the movie and it has finally became a reality for me finally ... Thank you Seifer-sama and Alasse Venessar Captivations.

This Dress is really amazing more then I could ever imagine in my wildest dreams have come true I'm totally in love with it of how it moves, easy to put on .... I absolutely love everything about it and I will always love wearing it.


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Series Anastasia
Character Anastasia Romanova: Dream Dress


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