ChilmarkGryphon as Oriko Mikuni

Oriko Mikuni

Mahou Shoujo Oriko Magica

Cosplayer: ChilmarkGryphon
I love Madoka Magica. I love the world, I love the character designs, I love the twisted, it's fabulous. But I'm so tall and un-moe I felt I couldn't do any of the main characters justice. Then, in the throes of series withdrawal, I noticed there was a spin-off manga, and fell in love with its main character. Because seriously, Oriko is everything I love in characters. More evil than good, white clothes, fancy hat, older than other cast members, A+ will cosplay.

Costume is cotton sateen, with cotton velvet accents. The sateen was dyed with a mixture of navy blue and grey to produce a cold off-white for the third shade. The triangular trim is cut out of silver foil spandex, as a more accurate and budget-friendly alternative to Venetian lace. The same spandex was used for silver accents on the sash shield, soulgem, hat, boot toecaps, and buttons.

This costume uses a hoopskirt made from MangoChutney's excellent tutorial, with the addition of a wide boned+lace-up waistband to keep it high on my hips.

The shield and soulgem are cast from resin with PearlEx as a colorant. I used an eggshell as a mold for the soulgem.

Wig is from Lucaille on Taobao.

The hardest part of this costume was having no accurate color references for the majority of the time I was working on it.