Rin Kagamine

Vocaloid 2

Im really happy with my Rin wig it was a lucky find!

The dress was made out of light cotton that I have TOOOOOOONS of, it was pretty simple to make and very comfortable to wear! I forgot my petticoat for the con so I borrowed my friends Madoka Kaname petti and it actually looked better than mine! Sadly, I washed the dress with a black jacket and the fabric bled ;-; I thought I had pre-washed everything but I guess I was wrong. I have yet to fix it OTL

The accessories were fun and easy to do! The armband and headbow are made of slightly stretchy materials so they easily slip on. the headband has elastic on the bottom so its more comfortable too. The anklets were some bracelets I cut so I could slide them on to my ankle and I added small metal charms to them with clear fishing wire. I didnt know how to tie anything off so at each end I used a fisherman's knot xD They've stayed on thus far!

The yellow sash is just ribbon I wrapped twice around me and the grey shawl is something I owned from my sister already.

Simple as it is I really love this cosplay and hope to get more opportunities to wear it!
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Series Vocaloid 2
Character Rin Kagamine
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