Kaname Chidori

Full Metal Panic!



I love this series and I love this character~! Kaname is so cool and awesome hahahah!
All right. So! Here is how it went.
The wig was cut and trimmed and styled by me, simple spray work with a hair dryer on low heat and some Got2BGlued.
The top of the uniform was made with a dress shirt pattern and the skirt with a cheerleader skirt pattern. from there some altering was done to make the puffy sleeves and so forth~! Then all the details were added!
The shoes were painted to Kaname's style of street shoes [the pink ones] and the paper fan was made with poster board and duck tape and it sounded worse than it really was.
My advice, wear shorts lol but then again I always wear shorts under skirts.


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Series Full Metal Panic!
Character Kaname Chidori
Variant Summer Uniform


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