Mishima Reika




This is a cosplay that was done for another member of my cosplay group. She planned on cosplaying Quon and I jumped right in and offered to cosplay a character from the same anime. I actually got hooked on the anime and we now plan on preparing a couple more RahXephon cosplays including Ayato in Terra vest.

As for the dress, I drafted the pattern and made the dresses for both Quon and Reika with Foayasha's help. The patterns were very similar, and dresses are my specialty so dresses were done in a day.

The Reika dress cost $30 to make in materials and the Quon (dress only) $8 (I have bolts of black fabric for other cosplays). For details on the rest of the Quon cosplay please visit her page. http://www.cosplay.com/costume/363198/

The wig was bought for Reika but I didn't notice the part was on the wrong side, oops too late. Bought from wigfashion on ebay, did not do any cutting, that is exactly how it came, I just styled it very little after I put it on.

This is the most comfortable cosplay I have ever worn, I was worried about looking like a pineapple but it turned out pretty well. These are cosplays that we do not plan on retiring.

Full shoot on our website www.foxycosplay.com and more on our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/foxycosplay


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Character Mishima Reika


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