Amazon Quartet/ Junjun

Sailor Moon SuperS



I made and modeled Junjun, as well as all four of the wigs and palla palla's costume, which is so lovely modeled amazingly by the gorgeous Ms. Doonie, CeresCeres is made and modeled by the talented Windfae, and VesVes is made and modeled by the talented FujiVicious. This group was a dream come true, and so much fun! you could spot us from a mile away due to the huge wigs and overly-bright colors, haha.

Believe it or not i pulled an all-nighter and basically made all four wigs the night before the convention. They came out only by the grace of god- but they were so much fun to make :). i hope to go back in the future and touch up some details to the costume, and wigs (you could see my natural hair under the jun jun wig which is horrific!).


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Series Sailor Moon SuperS
Character Amazon Quartet/ Junjun


neenlove wow ....great job amazing

Karitsa JunJun is my favorite! Amazing job!!