Madoka Kaname

Queen of the Damned



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And the series says Queen of the Damned :') f*ck up. Can't change it sorry :')


My two friends already wanted to cosplay Assassins Creed at Tsunacon... and I'm not really into that fandom (never played the games). So another friend of mine said she was looking for a Madoka in her Madoka group (everyone was accounted for except her...) So I caved and said them I'd cosplay Madoka for their group. I even convinced my boyfriend to cosplay Kyuubey :D

How to

Easy cosplay is easy... because I ordered it ^^;; This costume was just too hard for me to make myself.
So I ordered the costume, the hairribbons and gloves came with it. The gloves kind of sucked but I wasn't able to re-do them. I bought red shoes in the city and I used a red ribbon for the rest. I made the ribbons on the back of the shoes from old red fabric I had lying around. The socks were ordered from ebay and I attached the lace myself by sewing (I had some leftover lace from my Kuroshitsuji cosplay last year).
As for her weapon, I made it together with my boyfriend in about 2 hours using self hardening clay from a toystore and fake gems/flowers. All in all, it only costed about 5 euros! And it even survived the convention, which I didn't think would happen AT ALL. I also bought a binding shirt because Madoka is a loli :P I didn't become fully flat, but oh well.

At the con

Oh my, this was definitely one of my more popular cosplays. I was asked for photos quite a lot and I got lots of positive reactions!! The shoes did start to hurt my toes eventually though. I also met some other Puella Magi there; Kyoko, Sayaka and even a Charlotte! I'm looking forward to all the photos!

I will cosplay her again at Abunai! 2012 together with a few friends of mine. :)


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Series Queen of the Damned
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Gemelli Sooo looking forward to this one! :D