Hetalia: Axis Powers



I did this one mostly for Shokora -- promised her I'd cosplay Hetalia along with her. Hungary was easy enough to pull together from fabric already at hand, so I went that route. It's not 100% accurate, but I think it's pretty close. Colour scheme's out of the anime -- whoever thought pink tights and a coral-coloured skirt were a good combination is Special.

Fussy things I want to fix: the back of the apron, adding some wefts into the wig for hilights and possibly lowlights, and dyeing the bandanna (which I meant to do for Fanime but just plain ran out of time on).

Fabrics: rayon challis for the shirt, sandwashed cotton for the apron, heavy cotton sateen for the skirt, and plain muslin for the bandanna. I'm surprised by how comfy the entire thing is, provided I remember the right socks for my boots. And goofing around with the usual suspects was fun!

Photo credit: OscarC.


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Series Hetalia: Axis Powers
Character Hungary
Variant Chibitalia


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