Harley Quinn

Batman: Arkham Asylum



I`m MAD for this crazy lady and as part of my tribute to her this is my second cosplay, and will surely be one of many <3. So, without further ado, here`s the construction notes.

Shirt: I made it from scratch, and the collar is a bitch and will NEVER get straight, so blergh.. It was a tad complicated because of all the cuts and the cleavage.. I had to put buttons to close it cause i wouldnt have fit in otherwise u.u

Skirt: DOESNT FIT ME AS WELL AS IT USED TO. damn skirt ¬¬ Made from scratch too, from the same non-stretchy cotton as the shirt, and it`s too long on the front and too short on the back T.T

Corset: Made it with red stretchy pleather, though I should have used a more resistant, harder material, and will probably re-do it sometime in the future, plus the straps ended up looking weird after I sewed them cause I had to try it on myself with pins and it hurt so I couldn`t have it on for long :P nor can I see my back with my own eyes, ha! Still, the straps look pretty awesome and they are the cherry of this <3

Boots: AH MAN, i can`t believe I got these done in 3 days :D They were a lot easier than I thought they would be, I was just complicating things cause I`m a mess hahaha, they are really tight so I can`t bend my legs a lot but at least I can walk, not alike the ones I had for my Arkham City cosplay ¬¬ plus these are much more detailed and cuter <3

Cane: I bought a real cane, took out the handle (Can you picture me with a saw? Neither can I, but I still have all my 9 fingers :D). Then put a crystal on top, and made details with epoxy putty, still needs another coat of paint but this is mainly done.

Mask: It`s a plastic mask that I cut to get the right shape, and I still need to find the perfect one, I`m down to two already u.u

Titan Gun: This is still in progress... So far it`s a plastic bottle with a Dolce Gusto capsule on the tip LOL, I LOVE those coffees and i LOVE how accurate the capsule turned out to be! haha, The main gun structure is a toy gun that my bf tore to pieces and covered most of it with epoxy putty. I still need to finish painting and assembling both pieces, and I`m trying to find a small green plastic bottle to put on the behind of the gun so I can fill it with some liquid to have some Titan formula ;D

Nurse cap: It`s done out of craft foam :P I had made a white fabric one and took all the effort in the world but it was too damn small and looked kinda off, and this one I made in a second and looks much better XD not the best in the world but it`ll do..

Gloves and Gauntlets: I made these in one day too, one of the gloves is missing a thumb lol, idk maybe I`ll just cut out the one that has it LOL, I know I swore never to do gloves again after Arkham City`s but... these were much worse :D hahaha well.. idk really, these dont have those annoying, impossible diamonds on top ¬¬

Bra: It`s the same AC bra, only I took out the black part and covered it with violet, and it has some red and purple lace over the cups to make it more accurate and well, cuter too n.n


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Character Harley Quinn


R-R-RADICAL Looks fantastic! Where did you get your wig, if you don't mind me asking?