Commander Shepard

Mass Effect

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This dress was a last minute decision for Pure Spec 2010. I had about 2 solid days to work on it, and 2 hours to make the necklace before my flight.

The dress is a black matte vinyl fabric from mjtrends, and I used a modified McCalls dress pattern. I've since lost my pattern in the abyss of my sewing room, but I've been looking at Simplicity 2404 as a really good pattern to base this dress off of.
The necklace is made from scrap wonderflex and silver jewelry wire. I need to redo the necklace since the mesh on the wonderflex looks like duct tape.
The renegade scars were made with red lip liner and rigid collodion "scarring liquid." There are a bunch of youtube tutorials, but the best is by user petrilude.


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Series Mass Effect
Character Commander Shepard


PhoenixAce This is awesome. You've made Shepard in a dress look as BA as she would in the actual game.

RedSonya You looks so BAMF in this! Don't mess with this chick.

Danosuke Woah Taylor, your hair! Quite a different look for you. Works well for that costume though.