krys-chan as Harley Quinn (Zombie)

Harley Quinn (Zombie)



Cosplayer: krys-chan
So this costume was kinda last minute idea. i'm staying in a dorm room now so I'm kinda limited on space so I decided on only bringing up one costume. I brought up a few Harley clothes, accessories, makeup and wig :)

Clothes- Walmart clearance. I bought them for under 10$ which was super nice and cost efficient, especially since I tore the shirt to shreds ^^; Kinda went overboard.

Makeup- Creame makeup like normal but I played around with it a lot and added in fake blood that I got from Walmart. "Vampire Blood"

Gloves- Socks that I altered from the dollar store

Cards- Bought from the dollar store and added blood :)

Everything else I had so I just added to it.