Yuuko Ichihara


@Eau de Decus


Yuuko was an outfit I hadn't really been planning on doing. In fact, I can't exactly remember when I decided to go through with it. I had sat down and watched xxxHolic with my sister and enjoyed her character, but I think what tipped my reasoning for the outfit was her extravagant outfits and how different each one was from the rest. After cycling through all of them, I picked this one, which is only found in the xxxHolic calendar.

The whole outfit is a project in itself to put on, and takes between 4-5 hours every time and the wig is an absolute nightmare to put together, but I love it regardless. It's definitely an all day cosplay, that's for sure!


@Eau de Decus
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Series xxxHolic
Character Yuuko Ichihara
Variant 2007 Tsubasa/xxxHolic Calender


EgnirysFaye This is really nifty, you did a very lovely job! Well done!

ToroSonyCat So awesome!

RydiaValentine So beautiful! I love the hairstyle and hair accesories, and the silver roses on the kimono. They're pretty well done.

nymph62442 Very lovely! ^_^