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My friends and I came across this genius idea to put together a Sailor Moon group in the summer of 2004. We were all in High School, only one of us had a job, so we had a lot of free time on our hands. We grouped together in my friend Amber's basement and went to work. When it was time to take pictures we recruited the head of the local anime club to come out help us! We had SO MUCH FUN. Not many of us had really attended a convention before, so getting our costumes on and going to the local park was the highlight of our summer.

This costume was trial and error for me. The skirt turned out well, but I wasn't sure how to put a zipper in so I just made it big enough to pull on and safety pinned it. The top was stolen out of my Mom's closet and altered to have the red back piece put in. I made the mask out of foamy, elastic and spray paint (not my best idea yet) I picked up the shoes at Goodwill and spray painted them to to match the skirt, then made the ankle straps myself. The bows were my biggest trouble, obviously my bow making ability has improved over the years. Poor sad little bows. Oh, and have I mentioned this was before I started wearing a wig, because wigs were so overrated in 2004. XP

Costume was retired because even then I knew my bows were gimpy, I couldn't figure out how to make the armor and I think I almost died from inhaling the fumes from the spray paint on my mask! o.O


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