Liz Thompson

Soul Eater

Hurray for my third Soul Eater cosplay XD I've....actually been planning on doing Liz for three years now and I FINALLY did it XD Ha ha! And it was SUCH a simple costume, too <3 Omigosh this was definitely was of the funnest cosplays I've ever done :D I had an adorable Patty and a beautiful Death the Kid (girl variant) with me ^_^ We had a blast at Persacon this year!!

The jeans were an old pair I found and I just painted the belt loops white. I hand made the top myself which wasn't too complicated considering it was just a turtle neck pattern cut at the midriff. My Patty made the ties using scraps of white fabric and I made the hats the myself. I used a base cowboy hat that I found at the store (for only 5$ <3) and I sewed the little white stripe thingies and made it so it flipped up on the sides. I was supposed to add the white triangles on top of the hats but I didn't have enough time to do so before the con &gt;_<; I will eventually fix that <3 The bracelets and boots were store bought <3

Liz was sooooo much to do and I can't wait to cosplay her again ^_^
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Series Soul Eater
Character Liz Thompson
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