13Diamonds as Lucy


Elfen Lied

End of series(anime)

Cosplayer: 13Diamonds
This is my first cosplay I ever made/put together. I made the dress by altering a pattern, it was my first invisible zipper! The horns out of sculpty, sanded and painted. I found a pink shirt similar to her's at a thrift store, cut and hemmed the sleeves so it was more accurate. The stockings were purchased online, and I had to cut the feet part out to be more accurate as well.

The neck ribbon is just a satin ribbon. I just burned the edges so it wouldn't fray. I found the shoes at a thrift store as well, and had to spray paint them with a plastic spray paint, (to try and keep them from chipping and cracking as much), since I couldn't find a pair that were already red.

I also made the music box prop out of a box I found at craft store, along with other wood pieces to cut and make the inside and "legs". Got the metal at a hardware store and cut out the pieces with large wire cutters and used pencil to draw on the "Lilium" to the inside metal piece,before I took a wood carving tool to etch it. It does actually play the song "Lilium".

The machine gun is a bb gun I borrowed from my cousin, which was very heavy to hold one handed!

**Edit: Finally updated version of my Lucy, I sculpted better ears and made a mold then casted them in resin. Attached hair clips. Looks a ton better.