Every year, my boyfriend and I cosplay for NYCC/NYAF. This year however, it looked like we didn't have enough time to work on a cosplay. It seemed like this would be our first year without cosplaying when I realized how easy an Akatsuki cosplay would be.

The cloaks and wigs were bought on Ebay. I made sure the wig wasn't too long and that the shade of blue wasn't too light. The piercing was made of black polymer clay which was shaped and baked in the oven. Spirit gum was bought from a local Halloween store which helped me keep it stuck to my face.

In the anime she has amber colored eyes, but in the manga they are grey. Decided to go with grey since it matched my skin complexion better (I can't get away with wearing light colored contacts, they look soo fake on me XD)

I couldn't make the paper rose. I spent about an hour and a half trying to make one from a tutorial I found online and gave up midway. Origami is hard @[email protected];;

That pretty much finalizes the entire cosplay. Had a lot of fun overall. Easiest/funnest costume yet ^^!


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Series Naruto
Character Konan


_Emmy_ Thank you!

swimmingbird you look super cool in it