Final Fantasy X-2



In progress...

I'll just list the items and materials I'm using for this costume and their prices here. :]

Crop-A-Dile: $18.80
Clear bra straps: $3.19
Matte vinyl yellow fabric: $14.48
Plain white nylon bra: $14.76
Blond wig: $44
Red, orange, yellow dye:
Skirt fabric:
Black strap:
Strap buckles:
Belt buckle:
Blue rain boots: $20
Beads: $5

Materials always cost more than I expect... or maybe I'm just shopping at all the wrong places.

Dyed white nylon bra with "lemon yellow" Rit dye for about ten minutes. Dyed self-made scarf with same yellow dye.


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Series Final Fantasy X-2
Character Rikku
Variant Thief


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