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This is my Renaissance Faire garb. I have been a member of an Irish guild since 2008. We travel to faires in and around Central California, but we are expanding our attended faires. We are a fighting guild, meaning that we do fight and practice with swords and knives, both steel and wooden. Not everything we do is completely historically accurate, but we are working towards that goal. It's a very time, labor, and cost intensive process to get there, but I think we should be there in a few years.

My full costume is currently made of about 5-6 yards of wool, 15-18 yards of linen, some fur accents, and (of course) accessories in the form of belts, bags, knives, and jewelry. Also, stockings and shoes.

I did not make this costume. My very gracious and talented guild mistress made most of the pieces of my garb, and the rest were either made by another member of the guild or bought from a vendor (however, all of the jewelry was given to me). I am just learning the art of sewing, and even have a few pieces to show for it, but so far, all but one of them has been for my husband, lol. I am currently having a new kirtle being made with pretty silk material and I'll be hand sewing on pearl accents!!! Woo!!! I'll also probably be making or buying a veil to replace my missing sheer pretty one.

Also, I need to work on my posing for pictures before I put more photos up, lol! I don't want to post pictures of me that I look bad in! ^^;


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