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This might be one description I do that isn't ridiculously long. Yaaaay. c: (jk, it ended up being just as long as ever) Honestly, this costume was pretty simple. Found a pattern for onesie pajamas, some good flannel, and tadah.

I've actually loved and adored Alfred's teddy bear pajamas that Himaruya sketched him in for some time now. In fact after a few days last summer/fall of fangirling over how adorable the outfit was, I more or less kind of figured I'd make the pajamas for myself even if I didn't cosplay Alfred. I'd just make them and have them just because they're just that adorable.

Then I realized that I had a wig I could use for him, aaaand that was that. I felt kind of weird cosplaying him, or at least the thought of it it was, as I'm more of an England person myself. But just this once, this outfit was WAY to adorable and comfy and great to not do as a cosplay. And just as I said, it was REALLY super comfy. Like omg, best Sunday costume ever. I may have been feeling a bit better on Sunday than Saturday as far as my health went and I dunno if it might show in the few pics I have... but we'll see.

I actually didn't know what color to make them either, as I'd seen fanarts where most often they were pink, but also some where they were other colors. Like one of my favorites; with baby Alfred, kid Alfred and grown up Alfred, all in the pajamas and all wearing different colors, pink, blue and yellow, respectively. (dear god it's SO frickin adorable) So with the flannel on sale I just went ahead and got pink and blue fabric. XD;

I debated making one pair and making them reversible at first, but that seemed like too much work, and would be given away by the inside of the hood. So I figured I'll make two. The blues ones actually got started along with the pink, but didn't get too far. I actually think I'm going to finish them properly and wear those next time I do this outfit, as, once again, some things on this pink set should've been done differently, so I'll try to pay attention to that with the blue ones. Like, making the sleeves/legs longer and doing a better job with the ears.

Other than that, this was a super comfy cosplay, I got to carry around my baby alpaca, which I haven't gotten to do since I got him at Metrocon of last year, ;w; and it was just the perfect Sunday outfit. Again, not much recognition, although ONE person did recognize me; another America, and she just made me day on Sunday. With how excited she got, it just made /me/ all happy and it was great. <3 I dunno who that America was, but if you see this, please know that you made my day and you rock. c:

I still feel like I don't make a great America, but ah well, the cosplay was enjoyable nonetheless. ^^


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