Hetalia: Axis Powers



THIS IS A REALLY OLD COSTUME. Remember when I was into Hetalia for a hot second but somehow made 4 costumes from in during that time period? Ahahahaha... Anyway. I liked Seychelles cause she was an adorable brown girl and got shipped a lot with France. They make a cute couple. I wanted to do school uniforms with Skei because it'd be fun. And it was.

Jumper skirt made from a wool, patterned by myself. Underskirt made from a chiffon gauze-type material, lace added, patterned by myself. Top/sweater made from a really nice jersey knit, patterned by myself. Hairbows made from a kona cotton. Blouse, tie, knee highs and shoes purchased.


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Series Hetalia: Axis Powers
Character Seychelles
Variant Gakuen Uniform


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