Mami Tomoe

Puella Magi Madoka Magica



Oh I love being Mami so much <3

I wanted a more natural looking wig and was able to buy one off taobao that I hardly had to do any additional styling to.

I used the same pleather from the sleeve inset, corset and skirt hem to make the hat. The feather clip was a jeweled piece I found at Michael's I really liked how it stuck out so I nabbed it. The soul gem is several gold gem (attempted) super glued together on top of gold cording I pinched and sewed into a flower shape. I then mounted it on a hairclip to take on and off. Mami's small flower clip is a metal pice vaugely shaped like a flower I also got at Michael's in a set of 3.

The shirt and sleeves are a thick knit, I used brown pleather for the sleeve insets and made gold bias from the skirt fabric for the center trim. It zips closed in the middle them the 3 "clasps" velcro across it. The bottom is unfinished because i was lazy OTL

I wish I had boning on hand when I did this so I could make an actual corset. I drafted each pattern pice and made gold piping from the skirt fabric and topstitched white lace along the edges. The buckles are brown polyester with tiny buckles from the purse section of JoAnnes. They tend to stretch when I move a lot though so I may make it zip up like I did with the shirt.

I already had this fabric on hand and I liked the texture and slight sheen it had. it snaps closed at the top and the trim is a stupidly thick pleather trim. I love and hate it at the same time. While it gives the skirt a good amount of body, some places it will kink and jut out at a slightly odd angle.

I have yet to make Mami's guns sadly -n-


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Animeguy123000 You look adorable, wait no change that to sexy lol