Orange Iguana Contestant

Legends of the Hidden Temple



This costume was fun to throw together. Found all the pads online, spray painted the helmet, and pulled the shoes and shorts out of my closet. I resized the shirt a bit to give it some shape, then hand-painted the iguana symbol. It was fun. I found a general template for the name badge, then drew it out with a ruler and marker. Honestly the name badge took the most effort. Haha

Had a lot of fun wearing this costume. More people recognized it than I expected. Basically I was a walking nostalgia bomb for the day. Awesome. :)


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Created 8 years ago
Series Legends of the Hidden Temple
Character Orange Iguana Contestant


Fabulousity Oh my God, I love you so much for doing this!!!! I used to love this show so much and omg this is just amazing!!!!!

AwkwardMarkie I was there! I was one of the people who stopped you and was all, "My childhood!" Great original idea!