Vincent Valentine

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children



Cost to make: $24

The wig is my multi-purpose one.

The red suiting for the cape is re-used from another costume. Recycling is good. The edges on the part that trails is all burned with a lighter. It's custom fit to me.

The skirt and top are made of stretch polyester.

The gloves were bought at Wal-Mart for $6. The claws on the left hand are made of plastic from a plastic hat form and hand painted gold. The piece on the back of the hand is craft foam. All pieces are hot glued on.

The leg straps and the straps on the cape are made of stretch pleather. It takes time for the leg straps to suction to my legs.

The boots are my old work boots. The original toe armour was cardboard. This will be redone since they died at Con-G thanks to the slush. The middle piece of armour is craft foam. The part at the top is plastic also from plastic hat forms and secures on with velcro.


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Series Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Character Vincent Valentine
Variant Female


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