ElectricPlum as Moa


Show By Rock!!

Cosplayer: ElectricPlum
Wig -

Wig is made of two Nicki style wigs in Princess Pink from Arda wigs. this style comes with a massive amount of shoulder length curls.

First, I styled the antenna ahoge using a combination of got2b styling gel and heat from a blow dryer. The ball of hair at the end of the antenna is a literal knot of hair.

I cut the crown off of the second wig and used a combination of hand sewing and glue to add it to the bottom of the first wig, doubling the length. (i forgot to take pictures of this part)

The stars are simply made with paper clay, acrylic paint, and glossy top coat, and tiny elastic bands hot glued to the back.

the horns were the most intimidating part for me. I never carved foam before this! I started with floral foam about an inch thick and cut out two cd-sized circles. I sanded the edges and painted on multiple layers of gesso. after the first layer I decided to carve in the swirl, so I used a knitting needle to do that before proceeding to add more gesso.

basic shape with first coat of gesso
after 4-5 layers of gesso, sanding in between layers, I added a coat of mod podge and then another layer of gesso and sanded before painting with acrylic paint. I then sealed the horns with another coat of mod podge.

ears were sewn from fuzzy black fleece and attached to the horns. The horns and ears were then attached using hair clips.

Fabric selection: I had an enormous amount of dark pink crepe fabric on hand from another costume which was planned but never made, so I chose to use that instead of spending more money on fabric. I also used scraps of yellow, red, and black cotton I had on hand for the stars, bow, collar, and ruffle. I wanted something with a bit of drape to it for the lantern sleeves so I purchased black knit fabric for those.
The crepe fabric had a tendency to fray so I melted the edges using a lighter to fix that problem.

Dress pattern was heavily modified from simplicity 2588. I had the idea to create the bubble skirt shape by adding elastic to the bottom of a flared skirt, so I tested it out by putting on a dress with the pattern I know and tying elastic around where I wanted the skirt to end. I was happy with the result and proceeded to modify the pattern.

I used dollar store wrapping paper to trace and modify the sewing pattern. I joined the bodice and skirt to eliminate the waist seam and changed the zipper location from the back to front of the dress. I eliminated the skirt pleats and added more flare to the skirt to make up for it. I already had a puff sleeve pattern of my own, modified for a earlier cosplay, but i had to pattern the longer lantern sleeves (not pictured)

Once I started sewing, i discovered my puff sleeve pattern didn't work well with the rest of the pattern. It wasn't puffy at all. I had to modify the pattern using the slash n spread method to add more volume.

it took me a while to figure out how to install the elastic at the bottom of the dress without visible stitching, but i eventually decided to create a channel for the elastic in the seam allowance between the dress and ruffle hem.
Stars were appliqued on using lightweight heat n bond and a zig zag stitch.

Bow was made of two rectangles and stuffed lightly with polyfil. it attaches to the dress with two snaps. I purchased a bell ornament to use for the bell from amazon… and it was way too huge. That’ll teach me to order online without checking the size first. I made the bell I actually used with paperclay.

Tail was sewn using fuzzy black fleece and whip stitched on.

Undershirt was made from an old long sleeve shirt, which i cut the sleeves off of and replaced with lantern sleeves I patterned and sewed myself.

Other Details

Boots were made using an old pair of slip on shoes and nylon knee high socks. I unfortunately couldn't find a perfect color match so I had to settle.

Drumsticks were made from a half inch wooden dowel, foam, and paperclay. the first reference image does not show the stars on the end because it was made for the first season of the show and the drumsticks were based on the second season design.