Lord Dominator

Wander Over Yonder



i've been wanting to do this character since i saw the song sequence on tumblr called i'm the bad guy, and i fell in love with the song and the character ever since. i can relate to dominator because part of me is psychotic. and dominator is a fun kind of evil, so its hard not to love her

the t shirt is a shirt i designed on custom ink and tied it up with a pony tail holder. the skirt is made by any kind of random black fabric, i don't realy know exactly what fabric it is. the helmet is made of paper miche and the horns are made of fancy cardboard that i painted yellow. i carved in slots in the helmet and inserted the horns after putting glue on them. i tried to make my own gloves, but it was too hard, so i bought them instead. and the shoulder pads are made of craft foam and the spikes are model magic. i love dominator to death. she was a character i couldn't wait to do


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Series Wander Over Yonder
Character Lord Dominator


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