Odin Sphere



Odin sphere is one of my favorite games and I wanted to challenge myself with making the spider version because I thought Odette was a cool baddie to try to make. I wanted to keep my cosplay budget for Odette cheap because this was a late plan to do for an upcoming convention and I was short on cash so there was a lot of things that I tried that were first attempts (mostly on the wig). Since the con was getting near and I didn't want to risk wasting money if my order for a wig didn't arrive on time, I reused my Miku Hagane wig and tried to dye it. This was my actual first wig that I tried to dye and I was satisfied with the color results. It was also my first time stuffing and sewing a wig as well (which was a big headache to put on). My spider's eyes lit up with a controlled panel and The legs could bend and be positioned whichever way I wanted and the 2 front legs could be controlled with with strings tied to my hands . I made my own laces for the overskirt and used clear crystals at each tip. I wanted to conserve as much white makeup as I could because I was going to be sharing it with another cosplay (and friend's cosplays) so I made fake boobs (obviously lol) with whatever materials I had at home. Even if there were a lot of redoing and rushing before the con arrived, It was a fun experience making it (not so fun getting into it) lol.


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Series Odin Sphere
Character Odette
Variant Spider version


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