Akitozz6 as Professor Quirrell

Professor Quirrell

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

movie version

Cosplayer: Akitozz6
My 58th cosplay costume. As a big fan of Harry Potter books and movies, I've always dreamed I could make a costume from this universe. I chose professor Quirinus Quirrell, the very first DADA teacher and the main villain of the first movie/book. In my opinion he's very underrated and kind of tragic character.

About making:
This costume was based on the movie depiction as portrayed by an actor Ian Hart. I started with a long jacket, which is made from khaki herringbone tweed fabric and it closes with a silver clasp on the front. After that I made his turban. I used purple 100% linen fabric, which was pre-washed, dyed and distressed to look old and worn before making the turban itself. The last part was his wizard cloak. For this I used a heavy dark brown coat fabric. It has long hanging open sleeves and 6 box pleats attached to a back yoke. The whole cloak is lined with a light weight purple fabric. To complete the costume I found a matching tie, shirt, vest, pants and shoes.
With the costume comes a handmade wand, which I carved from wood.

created in 2020