Inigo Montoya

The Princess Bride



My Halloween 2019 costume, also worn at ALA 2020 on Sunday. The majority of the outfit was made with thrifted parts... his sword was by far the biggest challenge and took nearly two failed attempts before I was satisfied. The reception to this costume is AMAZING and I have so much fun with it! I'll definitely be bringing him out for many cons to come!

Belt- Scrap leather and a thrifted buckle
Boots- Thrifted and altered (removed decorative straps and added top cuff)
Gloves- Old suede gloves from my closet
Pants- Thrifted suede pants, side seams taken in
Scabbard- Flattened PVC pipe and vinyl leather
Shirt- Pale gray cotton and tan leather cord (pattern drafted by me)
Sword- Balsa wood, Wonderflex scraps, paperclay, gesso, aluminum tape (for blade), acrylic paint (for hilt), vinyl leather, rhinestones
Vest- Thrifted suede jacket (heavily altered) and tan leather cord

Wig and Makeup- Trimmed Arda Merry in Natural Black (some trimmings were applied with latex to make prosthetic chest hair). Cheek scars were created with liquid latex as well. The mustache is a crepe hair prosthetic.


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Series The Princess Bride
Character Inigo Montoya


Asmaria This is amazing!! I love your choice of materials, your wig, the setting, and that sword is really cool!

Emmejo This is excellent! I so rarely see cosplay from this movie, and you do it with such perfect swagger!

Indiana Jolly Love EVERYTHING about this! The costume, the wig, the make-up, and even the location where the photos were shot. (And I love how you switched the sword in both hands. Nice subtle touch!)

gypsy_girl Love. Love. Love this. You really capture Inigo's characters. I also love that you thrifted most of this. I too try to be as environmentally friendly when I create costumes.