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Was wanting to make something new for PAX West 2017 but after burning out on Wicke I wanted to keep it simple. Shy Gal was a design I'd brought up semi-jokingly in the past that fit the bill. And I already had the majority of the materials for her other than the fabric for the dress so she was relatively inexpensive. Here's the build:

Mask-basic papier mache over a balloon, fabric eyes/mouth, painted, with some black string to hold it on.

Wig-originally my Lunara wig, at latest wearing I swapped it out for a cheap St. Patrick's wig that, while it sheds cheap fibers easily, actually fits the character design better.

Dress-ponte knit with a modified pattern elongating the sleeves and hood

Belts-leftover fleece and bottomweight fabrics with faux fabric closures, they actually are secured by Velcro. The one on my head isn't functional and is merely tacked on so I can easily remove it and use the dress at fantasy events later on.

Tights-We Love Color. Couldn't find thigh-highs in my size and realized I probably wouldn't have been comfortable walking around in public with garters anyway.

Boots-I actually bought some blue ankle boots specifically for this outfit, but ended up wearing my regular boots because it meant not being in heels all day/having to carry a spare pair of shoes. Maybe I'll take a few pics in the actual boots at some point.

All in all the only new material I had to buy was the red ponte knit, the balloons to papier mache over, a spare set of tights (since I'd be wearing Wicke the next day didn't want to start off in already-dirty tights), and a pair of boots I didn't even wear. Everything else I already had, including the pattern for the dress.

She's incredibly comfy to wear except for the mask. I'd assumed it would have better ventilation with such large eyes and a mouth hole but being in the huge crowds of PAX I couldn't keep it on for more than a few minutes at a time. I ended up mostly wearing it cocked on my head more like a prop. She'll likely be my go-to "easy" cosplay for a while, especially at cooler events.


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