Peter Pan



*I'm Selling this costume, if you're interested: http://www.ebay.com/itm/291194617685
*Includes: shoes, dress, and wig*

I tried to take advantage of how simple the costume was and really jump into details.

I patterned and made the dress myself from scratch, and had it airbrushed along with the shoes for the leaf effect.

The wings were last minute as the ones I made that looked nicer were too heavy, so I quickly made these the day before the con out of coat hangers and sparkly tulle, they aren't great but they could have been worse I guess.

I piled on hair extensions to the bun with gold ribbon for the big signature tinkerbell hair, and attached it to a pixie cut wig.

and last but not least I but sparkles and rhinestones all over the place, because she is after all covered in pixie dust!

Photos by Travis Scotka www.facebook.com/TravisScotkaPhotography


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Series Peter Pan
Character Tinkerbell


Mohmoh Your're a very cute Tinkerbell

morganfreya Hi! For whatever reason it won't let me PM you. Could you please get a hold of me somehow? I'm soooo interested in buying this dress from you. Unfortunately I think I'm an animal fairy- I wasn't gifted with the ability to use a sewing machine. Haha!

harrist27 Hi. I cannot private message you but I am interested!! That is if you are still selling this costume. I love it and think it's one of the best I've seen. Thanks!

chakotay Nice suit, and also nice wings :-) Greetings from Venezuela