Devil May Cry 3



Costume info:

-Shirt: Bought and altered.
-Skirt: Sewed. For the pouches I sewed the fabric over sponge to make it more three dimensional.
-Guns: Toy guns that were spray painted.
-Leg belts: Normal belts that were cut.
-Shoulder belt: Normal belt that was cut and attached to the waist belt with velcro.
-Wig: Bought and styled (needed a bit of spiking and trimming).
-Kalina Ann: Made with a PVC pipe,PVC parts,Wood (for the handles), EVA foam,Styrofoam and my tears.

If you have any questions feel free to ask :)!


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Series Devil May Cry 3
Character Lady


MSilverwolf I <3 it :D Dat gun :o