Makoto Kino

Sailor Moon



I made this in a mad rush to get a holiday costume done the night before Substitute Santa at TATE'S. My friends had invited me to come out with them for the event the night before, and I wanted to wear something festive. I couldn't decide which of my previous cosplays to make more "festive", but I really liked the Christmas design they had released of the Sailor Senshi during Sailor Moon Stars, so that's what I went with!

I had about 2 yards of red velveteen and some white fur lying around in my house (lucky me!) and in about 5 hours the costume was done. It honestly did not take that long to make, but the fur I had was long hair fur and looked kind of dank. So most of the time spent making it was actually me taking my hair thinning scissors and trimming the fur.

It's based on this image:


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Series Sailor Moon
Character Makoto Kino
Variant Holiday Dress


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