Ciel Phantomhive

Black Butler



Once upon a time one of my group members cosplayed Ciel, later realizing she didn't care for crossplaying. Since our Madam Red is crazy tall, I inherited the costume.

A+ sharing.

To be honest I've always been sweet on Ciel's designs but I thought I was too tall to pull him off. I'm pretty much over that.

The black shirt is from FanPlusFriend. I sewed in additional lace to the bell sleeves and jabot, and added a cravat pin and lapel detailing. The hat was an inexpensive costume hat decorated with painted flowers and detailing similar to the lapel.


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Series Black Butler
Character Ciel Phantomhive
Variant original design


Kell-chan @Tamlen (since the reply button has magically vanished!), thank you! It's actually an original design but I seem to have forgotten to mention that. ^_^; I'm quite tall for Ciel (5'8"), but I look pretty short next to my Madam Red so I didn't really care. Haha. I had a few snarky comments at the con, but I just shrugged them off. They didn't mind that I was a girl cosplaying a boy, but being too tall was an issue? Eh. Cosplayer logic. It was still fun to wear all those frills.

Tamlen I always thought I was too tall, too.. well, I'm technically his height normally, but I reach like 5'5'' in his heels <_> ughlol. Buuut as long as you're having fun who cares what height you are. I think you make a great Ciel, anyway. Love how the wig turned out, btw. Never actually seen this costume of his, but it's reaaally pretty in the photos you took.