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This one might be my favorite cosplay from 2013 :) I got overly obsessed with Hellsing at the beginning of this year, and the minute I saw Schrodinger I was like "MUST COSPLAY THIS NOW AHHH" :I Can't resist cat ears and Ryoko Shiraishi's voice XD

I wanted to do the yellow shirt because yellow is my favorite color XD I wanted to make sure the shirt was accurate in color and details so I ended up making my own after resisting (I don't like making collared button-up shirts lol) for so long. It was tough finding the right shirt color but I finally found it! Then I had to figure out how to do those front chest pouches and what I did worked fine so I was really relieved. I made all the buttons functional on this shirt (2 on the pockets, 2 on the shoulders and 4 on the front) except for the ones on the collar, just for fun lol. The shorts are just some women's black bermuda shorts, the gloves are some extremely cheap costume gloves to which I added the wrist part and buttons, and the socks are black socks with white adhesive felt as the lines (which kept coming off, ugh) to save me some monays. I didn't bother to get boots and just opted to wear my loafters which looked fine to me. The ears were fun to make and sewed into the wig so it'd actually be attached to my head rather than a headband. I also have pink contact lenses and fangs and tried to hide my human ears since he doesn't have any XD I'm really happy about this costume and like I said earlier, probably my favorite from this year!


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