Miranda Lotto




My friend and I worked together on out D.Gray-man costumes. I chose Kanda, while she chose Miranda. I borrowed her costume for a day and cosplayed it.
The silver badge on the chest broke during 2009, so the badge was missing. The silver and black button was formed over a existing button, using clay and afterwords we painted it and varnished it before attaching it to the costume. The armdisc is actually a wooden disc we painted and bore 2 holes in the middle to attach it to a zip on the arm (Yes, the disk can actually move up and down)


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Series D.Gray-man
Character Miranda Lotto


Shenra Sure. :) We took a piece of wood, sawed it round, bore holes in the middle (for wire to attach it to the zip on the arm), painted it and attached it to the zip. If you need more details feel free to message me. :)

Giantbeelzenef hi,I'm doing a miranda cosplay, but I'm having trouble with the time record. May I ask how you made yours?