Madame Red




The hat weights 7oz and had to have a counter weight added as it kept sliding off on the side with all the decoration! Wire was added into the black bias tape to give the hat it's slight curve and lift.

The corset is fully lined and boned, with the roses painted on at the bottom. All roses present in the costume have been hand-made and beaded, and all jewelery and gems on the shoes (not pictured) were cast by me. Roses are not my favourite flower right now!

All eight panels of the skirt have individual red seed beads sewn on at random and the several roses that make up my rose farm have several clear beads each. Several hours were spent beading that monster, and I watched far too many Red Dwarf reruns whilst doing so! All roses were hand made by me as well, there are at least 140 of them.

I wore this at Auckland Armageddon on the Monday, along with my fake kitchen knife. I'm frustrated at that actually - in the anime Madam Red performs her murders with a scalpel being a doctor and all, but in the illustration that this is from I have a kitchen knife! Awesome.

You can view my winning skit here ( - it's a mix of on-stage action and film, or less eloquently, a blend of stabby things and interpretive dance.


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Character Madame Red


Yumi-dono You worked very on this cosplay, as a result it looks fantastic