Green Arrow




Working on the costume, will definately be ready by summer but more than likely earlier than that. Quiver and Arrows are done. Working on Removable magnetic arrow heads. Hooded Tunic will be vinyl and a knit fabric. Body suit is going to spandex. Boots will be vinyl as will parts of the gloves.

the Bow is a toy bamboo bow that is in the process of being made longer and con safe. Its gonna be bad ass.

Edit-July 31st 2011- Costume is complete and Awesome.


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Alpha Proto You really transform yourself with all of these characters! It is hard to believe they are all you!

Umpf You're facial hair is perfection.

Josephine so great it's so wonderful

aragrey I'd seriously kill to see this in person. Amazing job, you look great!

Henrickson Hey, I remember you from Otakon '11 Friday! I snapped pics of you while you were posing with your Black Canary for Eurobeat King. Would you like to have those pics? I'll write you a PM.

Adeena Wow! Really nice! Easily my fave Green Arrow ever! Love the fabrics and texture in the look!

Japanimemusic Awesome job! This is a perfect cosplay! You made my day sir! **happiness**

Twin-Cosplay This is totally badass. Remember seeing you at Otakon and loving the costume! Congrats on the showchase. :)

Ammie Dude...AWESOME!!!!!!!*_____* Sooooo amazing! Congrats on the showcase! You totally deserve it! The costume looks just incredible!!!

Ysef200 Congrats on the Showcase! :D

Athel Wonderful portrayal of the character.

Smorg oh I remember you from Otakon! congrats on the showcase!

Miyabi- Awesome! You did such a fantastic job! ^_^

Thearah This is absolutely amazing!

T3Knikolor Fantastic job on this costume! Totally unrecognizable with the blond hair and beard. Well done!

R-R-RADICAL You guys looked great at Otakon! I believe I snagged a picture of you and the Black Canary on Friday. :)

Pirata WOW!!! Love it!!!!! Sad for me we'll never take a photo together.....

Gilly_kins This costume looks awesome, I love all of your fabric choices. I hope I can see it in person some day.

RayutaSensei great work so far dude keep em comming, looking forward for the finished costume