Vasto Lorde Mask




I'm making this as a commission for someone else. I'm hoping that it looks ok so far. I used only the following materials: Paper mache, Tape, newspaper, and cardboard. I followed a tutorial on this mainly for the frame. This is honestly my first go at paper mache. I really had a hard time with this especially the horns. I know there are a few rough spots with this but I will be making a Version 2 later on. We just need one for the convention in about a month. I'll get some more pictures up once it's all complete. I'm also making the pants for this as well so I'll get a whole costume photo up eventually.


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Series Bleach
Character Vasto Lorde Mask


Wingeddeath243 It was on Youtube. look up Ichigo Hollow mask making tutorial it's the first video there by Superhashka. Hope this helps :)

DezzyDiamond what is the tutorial?