Mass Effect



Undersuit - Made from custom print performance knit fabric/black lyrca and heat transfer vinyl
Jacket - made from wet look lyrca
Thigh chaps - a combination of vinyl and wet look lyrca

I drafted my own patterns for the jacket and chaps and free handed the undersuit.
I created all the buckles using craft foam...there are over 100 buckles!!
The hexgaon pattern was hand laid out and ironed onto the black lycra--one of the most time consuming pieces I've ever done.
Small round LEDs are attached to the back.
Headpiece was commissioned by The Mad Masker - I painted it using acrylic based paints


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Series Mass Effect
Character Asari


Pastel Punk This Asari cosplay is wonderfully and magnificently beautiful! I am in love with the heapiece and the colors of the undersuit the most, the entire piece breathes mess effect and I love it, great job on it!