Boa Hancock

One Piece



Maaan, this is the first costume I've ever done with my own hands. It was trial and error but I'm happy how it turned out :)

So the process of this costume started out when I realized I wanted to do the loincloth-pattern. I hand-painted the fabric and sew it by hand. Making this was the highlight of the costume :)

The shoes I found from flea market for 1,5 e. I thought they were the perfect, non-breakable shoes...till the bottoms came off when I walked with them to the con :I but they looked good and that's all that matters. Walking them left me with broken ankles tho.

The shirt was super frustrating since I managed to cut it too high and didn't have enough fabric to make a new one. I had to paint the pattern twice since I first used anime-pic as a reference and then noticed how bad the reference looked compared to the ones in manga. I wanted the sleeves to look transparent, so I had to work really long on them :'D

I like how the golden parts in the cape turned out. Other than that, it was frustrating to make.

I had to order a new wig 'cos the one I had ordered started getting tangled minutes after unwrapping it. This one wasn't heat-resistant material which weirdly enough made it less tangly.

The earrings I ordered from ebay to save nerves after battling with weight-and balance-issues for months.

The make-up was fun to think up, though I forgot the instructions I had made for myself a month beforehand and had to improvise in the end. But it turned out well.

Fun fact; I was super nervous that my nipples would flash all of the sudden, but when taking the costume off I decided to jump, wiggle and test overall if they would've popped out. They didn't :'D oh well.


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