Dark Magician Girl




Why I cosplayed it: I found out about Dark Magician Girl before most Americans. I played Dark Duel Stories, and found out about her from there. Ever since then, she's been my duel mascot, like Dark Magician is to Yugi. The episode where Bakura sends everyone into Yugi's deck as their favorite cards is my favorite episode, and I've often imagined me as DMG in that episode.

How costume was made: I sewed it with a lot of foam. The hat is foam and hot glue, the necklace is foam, the base of the top gold belt is foam with fabric sewn over it. The arrows are made the same way. The lining is bias tape. The boots are rain boots that I covered in fabric and hot glued.
The staff is made out of wood, though I was originally going to use PVC pipe. I made the top part ball out of cloth (which is what Jessica Nigri did. And it's not a bad idea. Then I can hit things with it XD)
(Not actually going to hit things with it.)

I bought a strapless blue leotard from Amazon to go underneath. I think the brand is BDancewear and the color was in Royal blue.

Debuted: Mechacon 2019

Fun times: I was on the escalator and someone said, "I dueled with you yesterday! Thanks, Dark Magician Girl!"


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