Weird Girl

Frankenweenie (2012)



This movie is just so cool and that little creepy girl was just too cute ^^
I was excited at the idea of making her cosplay so here she is XD
Pretty funny even searching for the cat plush, Mr. Whiskers, but had to be changed since its eyes were too small and not impressive like the ones Tim Burton's uses to draw :D
Making the dress was easier that what i thought. Fortunately I found a very similar type of cloth, same color (very light pink in the colored version) even though the movie is b/w , just added the stylized flowers all over with a pantone pen and sewed the shirt sleeves and collar under the dress.
The bell shape was simply created adding a iron wire rounded in a circle shape at the bottom of the dress.
And the shoes...oh my I love them :D


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Series Frankenweenie (2012)
Character Weird Girl


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