Ryuko Matoi

Kill la Kill

I'm not usually one for action animes and the clothing choices caught me off guard at first, but I fell in love with KLK so quickly~ I have so much fun cosplaying it!

Sailor fuku and Senketsu's eye are made out of Polyester with red bias tape for the trims. Since Senketsu's scarf is only half existent, this is the first school uniform where I've actually sewn down the kerchief.

The belt and boob eye patch are made from 2way-stretch pleather. I didn't hem them so it'd be easier for them to retain their stretch without puckering. The X in the eye patch is just the backside of pleather sewed behind a cutout to vary up the texture.

My suspenders are actually brown OTL I wasn't able to find black ones in time for the debut, we'll see if I take the time to change them out for next time lol.

My mini scissor blade was made by layering thick cardstock and filling in the edges and rounded handle designs with model magic. By Fanime I hope to have the full size blade.

My wig was a last minute buy and while I like the color, Im not a fan of the shine and I also feel like it's several inches too short for Ryuko.
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Series Kill la Kill
Character Ryuko Matoi
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