Satsuki Kiryuin

Kill la Kill

@Tempura Baka


Ah, Lady Satsuki...when I decided to do this costume, it was spur of the moment just something to do while my friends did Mako and Ryuko; now she's my all time favorite cosplay as of now. The ego I get from wearing her is absolutely amazing ehehehe; anyway on the craftwork Satsuki was done over the span of two months by my sister using various tutorials over the internet. ((wIll link later)) The sword was bought and also broken at the con =3=; Wig was from CosCom in shadow blue I do believe? Very pretty color with a mix of blue black and purple I wanted to be different from other Satsuki who use straight black wigs.


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@Tempura Baka
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Series Kill la Kill
Character Satsuki Kiryuin
Variant Junketsu


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